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5 Top Reasons To Rejuvenate and Look Younger With Botox

December 1, 2015

Botox is more than just a wrinkle remover, it can help alleviate sweating and even help alleviate migraines. Here are Doctor Kam’s 5 top reasons to invest in Botox.

  1. Botox can be used to help prevent headaches in adult patients with chronic migraines.
  2. Botox works to freeze motion wrinkles, it does not completely erase them but can give you a more fresh and rejuvenated look after a treatment.
  3. A more relaxed look takes years off your face.
  4. There are many more uses for Botox than just for wrinkles. Botox can also help those with excessive sweating under the armpits. Results can last up to 9 months.
  5. Botox can relax muscles in the neck area giving it a smoother and younger look. However, remember Botox isn't able to lift sagging skin.

Many people suffer from TMJ joint disorder that can cause headaches and pain while chewing. Some sufferers have found great relief from getting Botox injections in their jaw muscles to relax it and help alleviate the pain.

BOTOX INJECTIONS are the most popular of all physician-administered cosmetic procedures today. This simple, non-surgical treatment is performed by Dr. Kam Patel and provides a simple and quick remedy to eliminate wrinkles in the forehead, frown lines and crow’s feet produced by muscular movement. The muscles that cause wrinkles vary in location and size from person to person. Our qualified staff will determine where injections will give you the most effective and desirable results.

 A BOTOX procedure will help your skin return to its natural texture and is an affordable way to rejuvenate your facial appearance and create a refreshed, more youthful looking appearance. The entire treatment only takes about 10- minutes to complete with no recovery period. While results may vary, most patients’ skin stays firm and smooth for up to six months after treatment.


ONLY $11 per unit and all Botox treatments is administered by Dr. Kam Patel -one of Chicago’s leading maxillofacial surgeons.

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About the author

is an oral and maxillofacial surgeon with expertise ranging from wisdom tooth removal and dental implant surgery to non-invasive cosmetic treatments of the face and neck. Dr. Patel obtained his dental degree from Kings College, London and completed his residency in oral and maxillofacial surgery at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. He has provided expert and quality care in Lakeview and Downtown Chicago since 2002.

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