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Bone Grafting

Bone Grafting for Dental Implants

Following extraction of teeth, the jawbone undergoes normal atrophy. As a result, the quantity and quality of bone suitable for the placement of a dental implant can be compromised. It is in these situations that a bone grafting procedure may be necessary prior to, or in conjunction with dental implant placement.

To assist in his evaluation, Dr. Patel will recommend a 3-D Cone Beam scan, which precisely furnishes him the information to the quantity and quality of bone so he can diagnose and devise a treatment plan for the placement of dental implants.

Very often it is recommended after extraction of teeth that socket preservation by way of bone graft placement be performed in preparation for implant placement at a later date.

Sinus Lift Procedure in Chicago

The maxillary sinuses are located on top of the upper posterior teeth. These sinuses are natural air cavities which serve to cleanse the air we breathe. Very often the roots of the posterior upper teeth extend into the maxillary sinuses. When these teeth are extracted, there is usually communication within the sinus and the mouth. As the healing process continues, the sinuses then come down into the space of the extracted tooth, known as “pneumatization.” When this happens there is insufficient bone length to surgically place a dental implant.

The solution is a Sinus Lift procedure. This is a small procedure that involves lifting the sinus membrane upward and placing artificial bone up against the elevated sinus floor. It is not uncommon to place an implant and do a sinus lift procedure at the same time.

Ridge Expansion

In severe cases, where the jawbone has reabsorbed extensively, the width of the bone is insufficient to place an implant. To restore bone volume/width, a ridge expansion technique can be used. In this procedure, the jawbone ridge is expanded horizontally, bone graft material is placed between the two expanded portions of the jawbone, and after a period of healing an implant may be placed.

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