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Vitamin B12 Injections Boost

Feeling run down? Need a boost? Want a better overall feeling?

Vitamin B12 may be the answer to help provide more energy, possibly boost metabolism, immune function, mood, improve organ function, male fertility, and more. Vitamin B12 is also responsible for maintaining healthy nerve cells, and producing DNA and RNA. Vitamin B12 is a natural source found in many of the foods we consume, such as milk, eggs, meat, fish, and cereals.

Vitamin B12 is fast acting, and may be the perfect supplement to add to your diet to provide that overall healthy and energetic feeling. Usually B12 injections are taken monthly.

B12 Shots

What is vitamin B12 & how does it work?

Vitamin B12 is water-soluble, and structurally complex, usually produced through bacterial fermentation-synthesis. Essentially, Vitamin B12 is absorbed into the blood stream and is involved in several functions, helping the body maintain healthy skin, hair, eyes, organs, immune system, and more.

Who would benefit from vitamin B12?

  • Those who have problems absorb nutrients due to certain conditions.
  • Those who suffer from fatigue and low energy.
  • Those who have weaker immune systems.

Vitamin B12 Injections - 1 for $25 or a package of 4 for $80.

Vitamin B12 Boost Pricing

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